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We are currently on 2 business days to process rifle ammo orders

1-3 business days to ship 9mm ammo


Wasatch Munitions and SA Concepts abide by all state regulations regarding the sale of ammunition.

  • You agree and accept all policies described in our Terms of Use.
  • You are at least 21 years of age.
  • By purchasing ammunition, you are not violating any local, state, or federal laws.
  • You have not been convicted of any felony, a misdemeanor of domestic abuse, and you are not chemically dependent.
  • You have no legal restraint that would prohibit you from possessing, ordering, owning, or transferring ammunition.
  • You have never been committed to any mental institution, or been adjudicated as mentally defective.
  • You will not sell ammunition to any minor.
  • You cannot have ammunition shipped to a post office box.
  • You do not live in a state, city, or county that prohibits you from owning, purchasing, or transferring ammunition.
  • Customers who order ammunition in states prohibiting the order of ammunition will have their orders cancelled and a 5% restocking fee will be charged.

I understand that Wasatch Munitions or SA Concepts do not ship outside the continental United States.

The following additional restrictions apply:

AK: No ammunition shipments.

CA: All orders must ship to an FFL. Please email a copy of the FFL to [email protected] BEFORE ordering.

CT: Buyers of ammunition must provide ONE of the following:

(1) A permit to carry a pistol or revolver.
(2) A permit to sell at retail a pistol or revolver.
(3) An eligibility certificate for a pistol or revolver.
(4) A long gun eligibility certificate.
(5) An ammunition certificate and motor vehicle operator’s license, passport or other valid form of identification issued by the federal government or a state or municipal government that contains such person’s date of birth and photograph.
(6) Law Enforcement ID (Local, State, Federal)
(7) Military ID

The document must be emailed to [email protected] BEFORE ordering.

DC: No ammunition shipments.

HI: No ammunition shipments.

IL: Buyers of ammunition need to provide ONE of the following:

(1) FOID and IL drivers license/ID
(2) Concealed carry license and IL drivers license/ID
(3) Law Enforcement purchase order (Local, State, Federal)
(4) Military purchase order

The document must be emailed to [email protected] BEFORE ordering.

MA: No ammunition shipments.

NJ: Buyers of ammunition need to provide ONE of the following:

(1) NJ firearm purchaser ID
(2) Handgun purchase permit
(3) Handgun carry permit
(4) Law Enforcement ID (Local, State, Federal)
(5) Military ID

The document must be emailed to support@esaconcepts.com BEFORE ordering.

NY: No ammunition shipments.

I understand that if I attempt to have restricted product shipped to these areas, my order will be cancelled.

    If you live in one of these states please check your Local laws and regulations. To be able to order in some of these states we must deliver to your local gun stores. Please contact your local gun store and ask if they can receive ammo. It so please email us to order.